Birth has not been a life long passion.  I did not choose this path because of my personal birth experience.  I gave birth at age 19, in complete ignorance, without knowledge of choices.  I assumed that it was my doctor's job to know what was best for me and my baby.  I had a small baby and a fast labor and by default had an unmedicated, unmediated birth.  As a result, I took away no more knowledge or interest than I went in with.  Years later, my first grandson was born.  My daughter gave birth at age 19, in complete ignorance, without knowledge of choices.  I assumed that it was her doctor's job to know what was best for her and her baby.  Her birth was scheduled to avoid a Christmas birthday.  She received an epidural at 3 centimeters.  She felt little to no pain; she felt little of anything.  My daughter did not bond with my grandson.  I thought she just wasn't the mothering type.  I didn't know that the instinct to nurture was part of the process.  She had postpartum depression.  I didn't know that it could be corrected.  Years later, I met a woman at a holiday party who told me she was a doula.  I had never heard the word.  I was so intrigued by her brief description that I went home and read everything I could find on the internet.  I read about birth for the first time, learned about the amazing intricate process and all the changes that take place as the result, and about what can be lost when we interfere.  I was stunned at my ignorance and realized that If I knew so little and my daughter knew so little and neither of our doctors informed us, that there must be millions of women who don't know that the process is important, that giving birth is more than how you get your baby out, and that every person should be an active participant in the choices for their care.   I attended the first available Doula training workshop and have never stopped learning.  Now with more than 250 births behind me,  I still learn something new at every birth and wonder at how different and amazing every single birth is.






Founder, Birth Doula, Educator

Placenta Encapsulator, Hypno-doula

Jessie Goodwin

Although I am originally from Florida, becoming a doula here in Omaha has made the Heartland my home. Helping more than 175 Nebraskan families through their pregnancies, birth and beyond has been an incredible experience!

I have three amazing children of my own.  With my first I was induced, received an epidural very early on in labor, and did not understand the process of that was happening with my body. When I had my second, I researched everything I could and learned how to advocate for myself.  This led me to having a natural, very empowering, beautiful birth.  My third was born via a gentle, family centered cesarean section due to breech presentation. 


Having had three very different births, I realized how important it is to have unbiased support regardless of the situation. I focus on helping families work together through this process.  I believe their pregnancy and birth of their baby should be a unique and empowering experience.

Certificates, Trainings and Affiliations

DONA Birth Doula Certification Training * DONA Advanced Doula Training *Placenta Benefits Info Training * Childbirth Education Certification *A Day with Penny Simpkin, Labor Support Training * Spinning Babies *Advanced Doula Training, Kathleen Scott, CNM - UNMC * Rebozo Training

* Biologix - Bloodborn Pathogens Training * Omaha Doulas Association

*Dancing for Birth Educator *Empowered Papa Training

Proudly serving families in the following areas: 

*Client's home for labor and postpartum support * 
*Bryan Medical Center *CHI -Bergan Mercy, Creighton, Immanuel, Lakeside, and Mercy-Council Bluffs*Jennie Edmundson *Methodist Women's Hospital *Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue and UNMC *St. Elizabeth's

Heartland Doulas have experience in:

Vaginal Birth * Cesarean Birth * VBAC * Birth of Multiples * Unmedicated Birth * Epidural * Hospital Birth * Birth Center * Inductions * Postpartum Support and Recovery * Breastfeeding * Pumping * Bottle-Feeding * Formula Feeding * Tongue Tie Support * Newborn Care * Diapering * Meal Planning and Preparation * Babywearing * Postpartum Depression * Postpartum Anxiety * Postpartum Mood Disorders * Care of Multiples * Placenta Encapsulation * Belly Binding * Carseat Safety 

What our Clients are saying:

The love they brought to my son's birth was a feeling I'll never forget..."
​-Jessica R.

​"We chose to have our baby under the guiding care of a midwife and doula. Initially, we thought that since we were working with a midwife, we wouldn't need a doula, but now, if someone told me I could only choose to have a midwife *or* a doula at my birth, I would choose my doula, Danielle. She was a constant support through my pregnancy and my labor, and my husband was so grateful for Danielle's support and guidance, as well. I honestly can't even imagine my birth without her - she was completely hands-on during my labor helping me with the physical task of bringing baby into the world, but she also respected my ability to listen to my body's own cues. She let me lead my process and stepped in with suggestions and reminders when necessary.." 
​-Alanna R.

"I have been blessed to have 3 beautiful gentle hospital births without pain medication, all with doulas. Of those three birth experiences, Kindred Hearts was by far my best doula experience. The difference comes down to the amazing wealth of experience and expertise these three incredible doulas share and the support and companionship I gained each month from Birth Circle was exceptional.
-Kristen N.

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