Mother's Milk Soap

Kindred Hearts Omaha has teamed up with Joann O'Leary of Pooh Acres Soaps and Such to bring you Mother's Milk Soap.  Made in small batches, your soap is custom made for you and your baby using your own breast milk and food grade oils.  Each batch is cured for 6 weeks on an individual, labeled rack and you receive all of the soap that your breast milk makes. 

Mother's Milk has historically been used for it's healing benefits.  Mother's Milk Soap creates loads of creamy lather and is gentle and nurturing for you and your baby.

Nine ounces of your breast milk makes approximately a 1 year supply of this personal and beautiful soap.  There are several sizes and shapes to choose from  (We're partial to the Hearts).

$50.00 plus shipping per batch. 

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"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby, and the earth."
~Pamela K. Wiggins