Come be Inspired!  Come be Empowered!  Come Dance!!


Dancing for Birth classes utilize movements derived from Latin dancing, Belly dancing, and African dance to best facilitate pregnancy, birthing and postpartum recovery.  We use dance moves such as Down Baby Down, Birth Spiral, Infinite Patience, Wise Woman Dance, Rock the Baby, Abundant Belly, Birth Goddess, and more!  It's a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy, connect with other mammas, and have some fun!  

Dancing for Birth classes aren't JUST for fitness, Oh no!  They are so much more.  During class we will also learn which movements are best used for different aspects of birth and when.  We will learn about back labor, how to avoid it or how to help baby re-position to end back labor.  We will learn about rebozo techniques.  We will touch on parenting topics.  We will discuss the many options you have in birth. And so much more! 

Class Cost: 1 Class = $15, 5 Classes = $60, 10 Classes = $100


Movement during pregnancy helps our body to hurt less as it changes to accommodate a growing baby.  Movement helps to keep our natural bodily functions working properly.  Movement helps the baby to get into the correct birthing position - head down, chin tucked.  Movement helps baby to re-position if he/she might be a little off or crooked.

Movement during birth helps with labor pain - creating a soothing ritual and something else to focus on.  Movement can be very calming during an intense birth and lessen the desire for pain medications.  Movement during birth can shorten the length of labor by utilizing gravity to help open the cervix and spiral baby down.

Movement during the days and weeks following birth brings on relaxation for both mom and baby.  Movement can help bring back muscle tone and physical strength to mamma.  Movement will soothe a fussy baby, especially because it is movement the infant was familiar with during pregnancy and birth.  Movement can create a bonding experience for momma and baby, dad and baby, and mom & dad.  

And really, lets face it - movement is what got you here in the first place.  A little sway of the hips... and he's putty in your hands...  
So why not make that movement DANCING!!  

"It takes an image as unexpected, beautiful and powerful as a woman dancing her baby into the world to knock the status-quo of women giving birth on their backs in hospital beds out of the psyche of modern women and give them a glimmer of the untapped potential within them."  

~Stephanie Larson